Green Party success in 2024 General Election

Local candidates achieve best-ever performance reflecting national mood

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Thea Barrett and Henry Stanton, Green Party Parliamentary Candidates

Your local Green Party candidates performed amazingly well in the recent 2024 General Election.

Henry Stanton, standing in the Canterbury constituency, obtained our largest ever vote share with 12.5%, while Thea Barrett, standing in the new Herne Bay & Sandwich constituency, scored a solid 7%. Both candidates retained their deposits.

Both incumbent MPs, Rosie Duffield (Labour, Canterbury) and Sir Roger Gale (Conservative, Herne Bay & Sandwich) were re-elected.

If you supported us during the campaign, whether it was donating money, delivering leaflets, putting up posters, spreading the word in your community and on social media, or just voting Green, thank you.

The local results reflect the national appetite towards growing support for the Green Party, where:

  • We quadrupled the number of Green MPs from one to four
  • We gained over 1.8 million votes across England and Wales, around 7.2% of the vote, compared to our previous record of 1.1 million (3.8%) in 2015
  • We finished 2nd in 40 constituencies
  • We saved an amazing 358 deposits, compared to the previous record of 123 in 2015

The local results give us plenty to build on, as we look ahead to the Kent County Council elections next May.

There has never been a better time to join the Green Party, so if you are not already a member you can join here


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