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Canterbury District Green Party make gains in Swalecliffe Ward.

“Thank you to all those who voted for me on 6th May. We were only 89 votes from winning and I am disappointed not to be representing you at Canterbury City Council. We will continue our work in the area, and I thank you for your support.”

– Keith Bothwell, Swalecliffe by-election CDGP Candidate

Canterbury District Green Party would like to extend its thanks to all residents in Swalecliffe who voted for us in this year’s Swalecliffe by-election. While we may not have taken the seat from the Conservative Party, we are pleased to announce that the Green Party have made significant gains in our vote share. We are confident that, with continued support, we are well positioned to continue this trend in the next election! 

CDGP was able to increase its vote share by 20% in Swalecliffe in the most recent election. This is in sharp contrast to both the Conservative and Labour candidates whose votes decreased substantially. 

Change in vote share – Swalecliffe (2017-2021)

Thanks to your votes, these gains enabled CDGP to secure a strong second place in the by-election. We are in a fantastic position to take the seat in the next election!

Swalecliffe Ward Results, 2021 (Pie chart version below)

These results prove that the tide of public opinion is slowly but surely turning in the direction of the Green Party and its policies. 

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