Patricia Marsh

Pat Marsh


It was the Green Party’s slogan  - 'Fair is Worth Fighting For' - which drew Pat in as a member over a decade ago and the current one - 'For the Common Good' - which inspires her. From experience, she believes that sufficient action will never be taken on tackling the climate emergency until Greens are in government at all levels and have the power and influence to make the radical changes required.



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Nicole David

Campaigns Manager|Membership Officer

Born in Kent, and living in Whitstable since 2014, Nicole joined the party that same year. With a lifelong passion for both environmental and social justice, she believes Greens need access to political power to bring about the change we desperately need.


Henry Stanton

Election Agent

Henry joined the party in 2014 because he couldn't stand the inaction of the council or the government on all and any environmental issues any longer. Henry believes that the natural world is so important to, and brings so much joy into, everyone's lives and wants to see it sitting front and central in every local or national government decision.


Louise James

Social Media Officer

Louise is a keen sea swimmer and became engaged in local Green activity when she moved to Whitstable from London in 2021 and felt urged to support the protection of the local environment. Louise is passionate about mental health and will talk tirelessly about the effect of the climate crisis on mental health - particularly among young people.


Catrina Bowen

Website Manager

Catrina initially joined the Green Party in 2017, as the only UK party taking both climate and social issues seriously. Since then, she has served as a committee member for Southampton Green Party, acting as Social Media Officer and a student representative, before joining Canterbury District Green Party in 2020.