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On Sunday 6th February, Canterbury District Green Party begins a month of testing water quality at Whitstable and Tankerton beaches. The testing is being carried out to check the effect of Southern Water's continuing spillage of sewage into the sea.

In December and January, Southern Water poured raw sewage into the sea off Whitstable and Tankerton for over 150 hours. In tests carried out by the Green Party in the autumn, they found e.coli in these waters.

The Green Party's new programme of citizen water testing will use tests that can detect likely levels (not just presence) of e.coli and other coliform bacteria which are present in human faeces. There is currently no testing of water quality during the winter months, even though many people continue to swim in the sea, and to smell the pollution.

Testing will be carried out by a team of volunteers who live in Whitstable and Tankerton, including Green Party councillor Clare Turnbull.

Councillor Turnbull said: 'Southern Water has set a target to eliminate their pollution of our sea by 2040. This is far too late. We need urgent action to reduce the amount of sewage they spill. And, in the meantime, local people need reassurance that is it safe to be in the water off our beaches. If Southern Water will not test the effect this is having on our coast, we will.'

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